Auto Dealer Metrics

Auto Dealer Metrics

Increased exposure with targeted SEO Microsites and analytics. Part of the CarWeek Competition Suppression System.

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Dealership SEO Sites

SEO Reporting Platform gives your dealership a complete assessment of your overall marketing strategies. The periodical oversight of your dealer website traffic allows us to identify trends and gather informative observations of the level of performance. Your dealership can then improve strategies based off of your present time website metrics. We give you the tools to allow you to survey your performance at every level and in every area every of your placed marketing intentions.

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SEO Marketing

SEO Content Marketing’s purpose is to offer some valuable information or entertainment content, that stops short of a direct sales pitch or call to action, but with the purpose of positively influencing a customer in some way. This information can be presented in many forms such as: a vast assortment of media, including text, video, Q&A’s, photos, etc.

The internet has given birth to an exclusively new marketing capacity with predominate and unmatched potential. Your dealership must take advantage of this by using an enhanced SEO strategy. Auto Dealer Metrics™ supplies unsurpassed Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing strategy programs.

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Auto Dealer Analytics

With Auto Dealer Metrics™ Available traffic information on your dealer website is the key to your success. Receiving this valuable piece of knowledge will give you the opportunity to give your consumers more of what they demand and desire. You will discover which of your vehicles are getting the most traffic in your inventory, where your website design favors in relation to your actual foot-traffic and every other area of your website performance will be monitored and tracked. More Info »


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